Alphabet Soup at Play

International Kindergarten

Alphabet Soup has been teaching English to children in Shizuoka City since 2002. During that time we have grown into a small but the most successful English school in Shizuoka. Ten years later, we have an excellent team of teachers and students who have grown with the school. Throughout our ten-year life, we have grown only by word of mouth. With both low teacher and student turnover, we aim to stay small, and offer the best possible English education.

In December 2012 we moved to our current location and became the first and only international kindergarten in Shizuoka City

Alphabet Soup is owned by an Australian teacher who has lived in Japan since 1998. This means at Alphabet Soup the quality of teaching comes a long way before every other consideration and the syllabus is developed and controlled by a teacher not a businessperson. We employ the same teaching methods and materials used in British, Canadian and Australian schools, so children entering our school experience a different cultural world. It’s not Japanese-style English, it’s international English, and you won’t find any Japanese English on our webpage or in our school. Step into Alphabet Soup and you step into a little piece of England or America. We do not aim to become a big business. We are first a school and we consider our primary job the education of your child.

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